[Marxism] Hurricane report

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sun Aug 28 17:34:47 MDT 2011

in addition, as is also typical of many Nor'easters, the storm was very 
banded. in neighboring towns in my state, one town got 7.5" of  rain, 
one town over got 3.5". in one town, 70% of power is out, in another 
20%. Jim is up in Boston where another friend says the storm was no big 
deal. i have other friends 20 minutes away who are under 4 feet of 
water, whereas i am high and dry. winds were calm here all afternoon 
while other areas of the northeast had high winds. now the highest winds 
of the storm are on me, also typical of nor'easters, but also apparently 
part of the structure of this storm, which had higher than usual winds 
aloft which only here and there "mixed down" to the surface.

so talk about media hype all you want. but wise to inject SOME science 
and detailed observation into what actually went down.


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