[Marxism] Libyan recognition of Israel?!?

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Aug 29 06:16:30 MDT 2011

In case anyone was alarmed by the subject heading, don't worry because I'm
quite sure it won't happen. BUT, that doesn't prevent wishful thinking by
some imperialists who may well think that the TNC "owes" NATO for its help
in overthrowing the dictator! And what's more, it appears that the
"liberal" zionist Bernard-Henri Levy, who reportedly had a major influence
in persuading his friend Sarkozy to intervene heavily in supporting the
rebellion, also thinks that they "owe" him this little favor, and claims
that he had discussed the matter with the TNC and received some sort of
assurances. The TNC doesn't corroborate that story and the truth is very
unclear. But what is clear to me is that even if they had made such a
promise to Levy, it was a promise they intended to break (and disavow). As
I argued in the last email, the TNC might be nationalist and progressive,
or might be totally submissive to NATO, but not THAT submissive. After all,
recognizing Israel would be political suicide for them!

In addition to the piece below, there was an article in Israel Today that
lauded one Ahmad Shabani who has been speaking to reporters on behalf of
the revolution (but no actual connection to the TNC was mentioned, nor
other sign that he wasn't just speaking for himself). It says "In an
interview with Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, Shabani suggested he and others
like him will use their influence to foster warm relations with Israel, and
already see the Jewish state as a potential ally in their quest for
freedom." Right.

For me, the best case WILL be if this issue comes to the fore, with
imperialists *demanding* that a Libyan government take measures such as
recognizing Israel which they couldn't possibly do. The smarter
imperialists will already realize the futility of that and avoid pressing
the issue in order to avoid the humiliating outcome ;-)

- Jeff

© 2011 WND

Editor's Note: The following report is excerpted from Joseph Farah's G2

WASHINGTON – The rebels of Libya's National Transitional Council are
prepared to recognize Israel diplomatically, and Israeli businessmen
already are arriving in Libya to establish future business activities with
the "new government," informed sources have told Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

"This area may just become Israel's new best friend in the Middle East,"
the source said.

The development would represent a major shift in Libya's foreign policy
toward Israel and would provide the Jewish state with a sorely needed
strategic friend among the Arab countries, since the overthrow of Egyptian
President Hosni Mubarak in January placed Israeli-Egyptian relations on hold.

The influx of Israeli businessmen into Libya also reinforces earlier
comments made by the French philosopher and journalist Bernard-Henri Levy,
who claims that weeks ago he had passed a message to Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu during a 90-minute meeting that the NTC was prepared to
recognize Israel diplomatically.

Netanyahu's office confirms that the prime minister met with Levy but
wouldn't comment on their discussion.

The NTC, however, issued a statement following Levy's comments saying that
the French philosopher was received "as a special envoy from the president
of France and relations with Israel was (sic) never discussed."

However, the NTC did not deny Levy's assertion that it would grant
diplomatic recognition to Israel once in full control of Libya.

"The NTC has long believed Levy is an official French envoy," said Barak
Barfi of the Washington-based New America Foundation.

"Even in its press release denying the existence of a message (to Israel),
it called him 'a special envoy from the president of France,'" Barfi said.
"The NTC knows Levy. They think he is an important figure fueling France's
stance on Libya."

Barfi similarly expressed surprise that the NTC had given Levy the
assurance that it would grant Israel diplomatic recognition.

He said that graffiti in parts of Benghazi display the Star of David next
to Gadhafi's name with Arabic text calling him a Jew and a Mossad agent.

"They are comparing their worst enemies to each other," Barfi said.

"In relation to other Arab countries, I would rate Libya in the most
anti-Israeli camp along with Syria and Yemen," Barfi said. "Though Libyans
are less prone to see Israel's hand behind every conspiracy as Syrians and
Yemenis do, they harbor deep anti-Israeli sentiments."

The fact that Israeli businessmen have descended on Libya, however, may
reflect accurately on Levy's discussion with the NTC and his subsequent
meeting with Netanyahu.

The NTC, Levy said, will be concerned with "justice for the Palestinians
and security for Israel" but "the future regime will maintain normal
relations with other democratic countries, including Israel."

Known in France as "BHL," Levy was a leader of the 1976 "Nouvelle
Philosophie," or New Philosophy, movement. An intellectual who has been
quite public on his views on an array of international issues ranging from
Afghanistan to Bosnia, Iran and Pakistan, Levy was instrumental in getting
France in March to be the first Western country to recognize the NTC as the
legitimate government of Libya.

It was Levy who reportedly had put representatives from the Libyan
opposition in contact with French President Nicolas Sarkozy days after he
traveled to Benghazi after it fell from Gadhafi control.

According to sources, the NTC considers Levy to have a special relationship
with Sarkozy that allows him to bypass normal diplomatic protocols.

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