[Marxism] Libya -- report on alleged rebel war crimes from the Independent

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Aug 29 07:40:34 MDT 2011

At 08:36 29/08/11 -0400, Fred Feldman wrote:
>Louis wrote:
>It is very bad that such things are happening but comrades should never 
>forget that Qaddafi created the environment for racism.
>Fred comments:
>Yes,  I think I understand.  Gadhafi bears complete and sole 
>responsibility for any racist discrimination or chauvinist prejudice 
>that took place in the past 

One way of preventing free speech is to make the consequence of saying the
wrong thing, that you will be miserably misquoted, misinterpreted, and made
out to be saying something that is totally ridiculous. Of course Louis
never said anything of this sort.

Lou's post was to provide context. Context. CONTEXT. But I now see that
some people are so wise that they can supply the answers to the any issue
that arises without any need for context. :-(

- Jeff

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