[Marxism] Libya -- report on alleged rebel war crimes from the Independent

Tristan Sloughter kungfooguru at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 07:49:49 MDT 2011

Being that this is MARXmail I didn't think the idea that to analyze a
situation one must take into account the historical context and the class
conflicts and class divisions would be a contentious issue.

The dividing of the working class a long the lines of immigrant or Black and
native and lighter by the ruling class is very much important to
understanding what is happening in Libya. Explaining this does NOT condone
attacks or attempt to write off any problem or atrocity and Gaddafi's fault.
Similar to explaining the class conflict in the early South between slave
owning whites, non-slave owning whites and non-free and free Blacks. Doing
so does not condone poor white lynching of Blacks nor does it look to write
off such things as sole responsibility of the plantation owners who
benefited from the antagonisms within the working class.

What it does do is provide the context needed to not have a reactionary
response to such events.

I thought this would only need to be explained to liberals and conservatives
but I guess Marxists are only human and feelings can cloud ones judgement.


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