[Marxism] Patrick Cockburn must drive his brother nuts

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 29 09:27:15 MDT 2011

(That he publishes his brother is more of a sign of Patrick's 
authority than any indication that Counterpunch is becoming more 


Just why so many Libyans hated Gaddafi and his ghastly family is 
made chillingly, and at times hilariously, clear, as their palaces 
are exposed to public view. His daughter Aisha seized a large plot 
of land in the Noflein district in Tripoli in 2005 and three years 
later moved into a compound with several luxury houses furnished 
with unsurpassable vulgarity and poor taste.

In one sitting room there is a sofa with the cushions resting on a 
gigantic golden bare-breasted mermaid who appears to be holding a 
dark-red feather duster but is probably meant to be a fan.

Mufat, a local man who had been put in charge of the complex, 
explained that when Aisha moved in “all her neighbours with 
windows facing her palace were told to close them and never open 
them again. If they did so they would be in big trouble.” When her 
father visited her twice a year the whole district was closed down.

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