[Marxism] How Libya Was Won, by NATO and Special Forces by Stephen Morgan

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 18:02:34 MDT 2011

I have no doubt that NATO played a decisive role in the Rebel's
military victory. But I happen to know that on this issue, it's
basically irrelevant and, not actually true.

The same technology using laser targeting is very, very easy to use
and, is extremely mobile. You don't have to be a  SAS or US Army
Ranger to use this equipment. There are fairly decent wiki entries on
these. Anyone can be taught to use them, the biggest issue being power
supplies for them.

The bigger mistake is this, that Stephen makes: How do you think the
*thousands* of drone (Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle) strikes in
Afghanistan and Pakistan have been made? For that matter how do you
suppose the actual jet fighters have targeted their...hits...? Sending
in special forces with target ranger finders is "so 2003". It is *all*
done by way of the same drones that launch Hellfire missiles and now,
500lbs J-Dams from the larger Hunter-Killer UCACs. The drones can
self-target, relaying information the same way the get directions, via
US Airforce/CIA GPS satellites.

There were likely hundreds of hunter-killer UCAV flying over Libya.
The US and NATO could experiment with all sorts of new kinds of
killer-toys. They can hit anything, day or night and don't need feet
on the ground. They can help target for other UCAVs or even for B-2
Bombers. Scary, but true.

This is a very small part of the bigger story, obviously, in terms of
NATO involvement. But looking for secret armies of Special Forces not
only misses the point, it is simply distraction.


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