[Marxism] Algerian PT: "The Transitional National Council (CNT) Is An Appendage of NATO"

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[The PT (Workers Party) is the largest opposition party in Algeria.
Louisa Hanoune is the party spokesperson and is part of the 26 member
PT block in the Algerian congress. It is the primary party that has
lead the successful campaigns to reverse the NLF - ruling party -
decades long privatization schemes. While Qaddafi was lining up his
economy to meet the needs to the Euroepan Union, the PT was
campaigning the opposing direction. The PT was the only left party to
oppose the 1991 coup after that years election. The PT is stridently
anti-Europe/NATO. It has not, nor has it ever, supported the Qaddafi

(Reprinted from L'Expression -- Daily Newspaper in Algeria)

"The Transitional National Council (CNT) Is An Appendage of NATO"

(August 27, 2011)

Louisa Hanoune yesterday hailed the position of the Algerian
government -- a position she characterized as "responsible" in that it
advocates dialogue between the belligerent parties in Libya without
any foreign interference.

Ms. Hanoune, general secretary of the Workers Party (PT), did not
mince words when she addressed the issue of Libya. For her, "the
Transitional National Council, the political body of the insurgents in
Libya, is an appendage of NATO."

Speaking at the opening of the Aug. 25-28 Summer School organized by
her party, Ms. Hanoune stated that, "the PT supports the democratic
aspirations of the peoples but rejects and any all foreign
interference in their internal affairs."

"The removal of Moammar Qaddafi by the insurgents and their political
arm, the Transitional National Council, in close cooperation with
NATO, responds to a neo-colonial agenda," Ms. Hanoune continued. "It
is an agenda that is programmed and funded by the imperialist forces.
They [the imperialist forces, Editor's note] claim their goal is to
remove the despotic regime of Moammar Qaddafi. But this is just an
illusion! Their sole objective is to deprive Libya of its wealth."

Ms. Hanoune went on to recall that her party has never ceased
denouncing and warning against the hegemonic designs of Western

Categorically and unequivocally, Ms. Hanoune said that the
Transitional National Council does not represent anything other than
"an instrument in the hands of the West, to promote instability,
splits and divisions." For her, the split of Sudan in two parts is
proof of this design and foreshadows what is being planned in Libya,
as the break-up of nations in the interests of Western imperialism is
part of the neo-colonialism designs.

The Western powers who pretend to promote democracy, ought to lend a
hand to Somalia, abandoned and ravaged by famine.

Turning to national matters, the general secretary of the PT is not
optimistic about the Algerian regime's ambitious reform policies. The
Algerian people, according to Louisa Hanoune, remains hostage to the
old shackles of the one-party regime and its structures. Hence, the
call by the PT for a national debate on the revision of the

"Revising the Fundamental Law of the country [the Constitution --
Editor's Note]  is a priority that must be preceded by the amendment
of other laws," she castigated, insisting that it is time to give a
voice to people and associate it fully in the debate on the
Constitution. She went on to note that that there is nothing clear in
this regard in the reforms announced by the President of the Republic.

Along these lines, the general secretary of PT noted that the drafts
of laws in question proposed by the Algerian government are "at odds"
with the aspirations of the Algerian people, which could, in addition,
expose the country to "foreign interference," according to the
Pasionaria. More specifically, she indicated that there is no will for
Democratic Change, recalling that her party has repeatedly called for
the implementation of political reforms as a prelude to a radical
reform capable of changing the nature of the system in Algeria.

"Establishing a Constituent Assembly is the only path leading to
democracy and the full satisfaction of the aspirations of the people,"
she insisted, noting as well that democracy is a factor of "immunity"
with regards to national sovereignty, given the regional situation. In
this regard she called for drawing the necessary lessons of the events
shaking a number of countries in the Arab and Northern African region.

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