[Marxism] Who really beat Qaddafi?

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Tue Aug 30 10:36:43 MDT 2011

At 11:32 30/08/11 -0400, Marv Gandall wrote:
>America’s Secret Libya War
>by John Barry 
>Daily Beast
>August 30, 2011 

These sorts of experts who know all kinds of details about war (or some 
other technical subject) leave one in awe, and a long list of this sort 
seems to indicate his encyclopedic knowledge; there are way too many facts 
presented to check out. So I'll just pick up on one that caught my eye:

> When a desperate Gaddafi began to launch Scud missiles into towns held by 
>the opposition, a U.S. guided-missile destroyer offshore negated his 
>offensive by shooting down the Scuds.

I noticed that, because Scud missiles cannot be easily shot down, although a 
few have. In the case of the Libyan war, there was a report of A SINGLE 
MISSLE being shot down. And this report wasn't in any major news outlet, 
only blog or forum types of sites (such as from lunaticoutpost.com, see 
below). Reading this "expert" article would have given me the impression 
that well more than one had been shot down. I'm afraid that when I read 
something presented as "fact" which is clearly false or misleading, then
every other "fact" I read in the same article comes into question.

Also, when I posted earlier saying that there were no reliable reports of 
NATO "boots on the ground" (particularly in relation to targeting as was 
claimed) another list member wrote me off-list with a bunch of links to 
claims that there indeed were. I was thankful for receiving that, and going 
through each of those sources, in the end I felt MORE assured that there 
were no reliable or verifiable claims (such as ones which could hurt the 
reputation of an individual or respected journal if it turned out to be 
proven false). Thus a further indication (not proof) that these reports were 
merrily propaganda.

- Jeff

Claim of a scud shot down:

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