[Marxism] Did Japan plan to invade Australia? - was Phil...

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Tue Aug 30 16:28:27 MDT 2011

In reply to DW. All of the questions you raise are perfectly sensible. But 
the reasons the Japanese didn't make or have plans to invade are practical:

*they lacked the resources
Some of the senior naval officers, euphoric after the early victories, 
wanted to push on south to Australia, but the majority view was that they 
needed the ships and troops for existing commitments further north.

*geography was against them.
They would either need to land troops somewhere at the northern end and then 
march them all the way to Sydney; or they would need too send troop ships 
and then somehow support and supply them. Expecting  troops to live off the 
land in Australia, as the Japanese did in SE Asia, was impractical in the 
most arid parts of Australia.

*Australia was no pushover
The Australians had enough troops and industrial backing to defeat the 
Japanese on Australia's home ground. Australian industry was better prepared 
than is generally realised, and was ramping up fast. Australia also had 
quite a lot of troops, some of them battle-hardened from fighting in the 
Middle East.

The most recent and comprehensive disucssion of these issues is in Peter 
Stanley's book "Invading Australia" published by Penguin/Viking. The title 
is ironic.

Anyone interested in scholarly references on the above, or wishing to buy 
the book,  can write to: olincoln at alphalink.com.au

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