[Marxism] Libya's spectacular revolution has been disgraced by racism

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 18:21:29 MDT 2011

I think comparisons about the Libyan revolution and the US one is a
bit of a stretch. I do agree that just because a country receives aid
from an imperialist  doesn't make one automatically a puppet. (and the
French saved the American Revolution's ass in it's blockading of the
British). Yugoslavia Partisans received both technical aid and
supplies from the the UK during WWII. No one would call them "puppets"
of the UK. Nor the Russians for receiving 10s of thousands of tons of
supplies (those trucks that carried the Red Army into Germany were
mostly Packards, if anyone actually cares). Ho Chi Minh was *based* at
a GMT south china camp and received his first military training from
US marines there as military liaisons to the Nationalist. So not

But Libya is far more complicated and Imperialist maneuvers and the
kind of influence it wields is a lot stronger and with strings
attached up and down the line. My comrades in Algeria noted that the
NTC is  a creature of NATO. This would coincide with Lenin's Tomb
assessment. NATO and actually more importantly State Dept and EU
commissioners are all over Benghazi and there is ZERO reason to think
that the NTC is any going to be an iota more independent than the KLA
was in Kosovo or the government in Sarajevo was (and is) in Bosnia.
Both economies are run directly out of the US Embassy. I think
politically at the level of the NTC, you are seeing the Kosovo/Bosnia

But that is the NTC and the PT notes this. It is not the democratic
aspirations of those doing the actual fighting. It's clear the NTC has
little sway over all the fighters and unlike Egypt, the 40 year old
dictatorial institutions are now dust. In Egypt the US has a *proven*
ally in the Army and the State. Can anyone argue this is going to be a
walk in the park for the US and Europe in Libya? I believe the problem
is that we want everything to line up nice and cleanly. I doubt that
is going to happen, politically or militarily. Louis noted it is going
to be messy. I think politically that was an understatement.

With Gaddafi the best ally in the region for years there (key player
in CIA rendition I might add, not to mention big defender of Ben Ali
and Mubarak) for the US,  Imperialism is simply doing the 'best they
can', that is trying to bring it all under the auspices of the NTC and
getting economic assurances for future investments...in other words,
doing exactly what they were building in Libya before the rebellion.
But I would be very reluctant to tar the entire rebellion, as Lenin's
Tomb does, with the NATO brush unless you want to take your toys from
the playground and go home. I think that conclusion is not yet


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