[Marxism] Gaddafi is stronger than ever in Libya | Richard Seymour | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

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Wed Aug 31 01:52:57 MDT 2011

On 31/08/2011 08:35, Greg Adler wrote:
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/jul/29/gaddafi-libya-nato
> RS hasn't always got the development of the Libyan revolution,
> an admittedly complicated and even contradictory event, quite as
> well as he might have wished.

What, here as well?  Look, the article refers to a report by Kim 
Septunga in The Independent, which indicated that Qadhafi had about 20% 
more territory in July than in mid-March.  The point about fast-moving 
situations is that you have to keep track of the plot twists.  At the 
time the article was written, the assessment was absolutely correct.  It 
wasn't until about a week and a half before Qadhafi fell that fortunes 
seriously started to shift.  Giggling about this is the equivalent of 
walking out of the Titanic half-way through, coming back in near the 
end, exclaiming "but there was a BOAT here a minute ago!  This film 
makes no sense at all!"  I mean, really.

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