[Marxism] A nightmare on the brains of the living

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 31 17:15:35 MDT 2011

Louis replies: I take your points. I wrote the post in between loading databases and was in a bit of a rush. At any rate, I do think it is fair to regard your analysis as deeply pessimistic, excluding any favorable  developments in Libya."

This apology is wholly unnecessary and overly magnanimous considering the extreme hubris, arrogance, and outright sectarian nonsense by Lenin (sic) that the a revolution in progress is somehow being "hijacked" because the voices, and troops, of the bourgeoisie and their imperialist backers are trying to insinuate themselves into assuming the hard won gains made by the Libyan masses. Yes, it is a civil war and not just an overwhelming uprising of the people, but to prognosticate that it is somehow "over" after literally days from the fall of Tripoli and with the murderer Qadaffi still trying to foment disruption just seems premature to say the least. Seymour's "negativity" is not a moralistic issue, it is an obstructive one. 

I am even more dismayed that the so-called Left is bickering whether to support, not support, stand on the sidelines, or look askance on the way the Libyan masses have had to liberate themselves. Where are the demonstrations against NATO and U.S. imperialism that all those who cried concern for U.S./NATO Out of Libya? To date, I have not seen much activity on this issue; and I have been looking. Instead what we see is an exercise in second-guessing that would be laughable if it weren't simply destructive. In my view, it is the political equivalent of anarchistic bent in the recent British uprising; except at least those youth and people of color who went on a rampage have the excuse that their frustrations are based on lack of sophistication--Seymour and his ilk can't pretend to be so. At best, I can say is that Seymour, ISO, the ANSWERs, and all the supposedly erudite writers on the marxist analysis of this struggle have a lot of nerve. Perhaps Seymour should be about finishing his PhD, 'cuz Damn! 		 	   		  

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