[Marxism] More American Than You: A Marxist Perspective

Evil For All Time evilforalltime at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 17:38:34 MDT 2011

Ann Coulter is right: “You can’t reason with a mob.” A mob of
mono-chromatic, collateral dependent, plantation owners.
Where was all of this momentum during our time of record voter apathy that
took place of the Bush era? Has this been modernized and converted into the
form of jaded voter outrage with a sudden spark of patriotic dissent?


Enter Kenneth Neal (you can call me Ken): Age, 29, an activist/author,
scholarship-winning poet and sci-fi novelist who felt compelled to share his
not-to-be-missed experience with readers across the globe. I've been active
enough by doing my part to promote Equality, Free Thinking & Socialist
awareness with my blog.

Gotta go now, so much work to be done.

-Ken Neal, Atlanta, GA
Facebook, "Ken E-FAT"

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