[Marxism] Tripoli Divided as Rebels Jostle to Fill Power Vacuum

Matthew Russo russo.matthew9 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 19:43:51 MDT 2011

More confirmation of the active Qatari involvement on the ground.  The axis
of Islamists/Gulf States/Saudis/NATO is the main danger in Libya now, and if
imperialism can get its way directly via the TNC, I can bet they will use
this axis to provoke a second civil war.


"Several liberals among the rebel leadership council complained
privately that Mr. Hasadi had been a leader of the disbanded
Libyan Islamist Fighting Group, which rebelled against Colonel
Qaddafi in the 1990s. Some said they feared it was the first step
in an attempt at an Islamist takeover. They noted that Mr. Hasadi
was named commander by the five battalions of the so-called
Tripoli Brigade, rather than by any civilian authority. And they
complained about the perceived influence of Qatar, which helped
train and equip the Tripoli Brigade and also finances Al Jazeera.

"?This guy is just a creation of the Qataris and their money, and
they are sponsoring the element of Muslim extremism here,? another
council member from the western region said. ?The revolutionary
fighters are extremely unhappy and surprised. He is the commander
of nothing!?"


"Mr. Hasadi could not be reached for comment, in part because he
was attending meetings in Doha, Qatar. Mustafa Abdel Jalil,
chairman of the Transitional National Council, said he made a
point to take Mr. Hasadi along to a meeting with their NATO allies
in Doha to show that despite his background, he poses ?no danger
to international peace and stability.?"

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