[Marxism] Arm the resistance – Victory to the Libyan revolution – No to the NATO/UN No Fly Zone

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Fri Jul 1 03:19:59 MDT 2011

Victory to the Arab Revolutions! Arm the Libyan Resistance! End the
Imperialist Intervention!

Socialist Resistance
April 5, 2011

. . .
Socialist Resistance stands in unconditional solidarity with the
revolutionary uprisings in the Arab region. We call for the overthrow of the
reactionary regimes, the arming of the resistance, and the establishment of
popular regimes which will take over the wealth and resources of the region
for the benefit of its people. Such regimes would inevitably face threats
from the imperialist powers and capitalists currently exploiting these
resources and this wealth.

The opposition movements appear to be very diverse involving consistent foes
of the despots and recent “converts” to the cause. The class nature and
orientation of these movements is still in flux. In Libya, the opposition
initially took a position against foreign intervention – under the graphic
banner “ No to foreign intervention, the Libyan people can manage it alone”.
Under the brutal heel of Gaddafi’s military assault, this position was
drowned by voices calling for a no-fly zone. While we understand the
pressures which led some in the resistance to make this call, and defend
their right to do so, we do not agree with their decision.

We do not believe that there is any progressive role that western powers
with their oil-soaked agenda could play in support of these uprisings. Their
interest is to maintain control over the region’s resources; they are not
tied to any one leader, but can be guaranteed to support and promote whoever
will best further this interest. We oppose any western military intervention
the logic of which is to divert the revolution towards western interests.
Nor can their “humanitarian” actions be detached from either their historic
or present role in the region. This includes the misnamed “No-Fly Zone”,
which was designed and has been used in order to give a spurious “legality”
to such intervention. We call for an immediate end to the NATO bombing of
Libya, and the withdrawal of any undercover forces. At the same time, we
call for the arming of the revolutionary forces, in Libya, Syria, Bahrain,
Yemen and elsewhere, in order that they can resist state oppression.
. . .
Our central slogan should be “Arm the Resistance – Victory to the Libyan
revolution – No to the NATO/UN No Fly Zone”. We campaign for this as an
alternative to the NATO/UN No Fly Zone. The rebels should receive
immediately all the necessary humanitarian and military aid for their
struggle, and this aid should be without strings and under their direct
control. A defeat for the Libyan revolution would be a defeat for the whole
unfolding revolutions in the Middle East.

While opposing the NATO/UN No Fly Zone, we also support the right of the
interim government to call for one in response to Gaddafi’s threat of
massacre but warn that the imperialist powers cannot be trusted and should
be expected to take advantage of this opportunity to put their own interests
above those of the Libyan people.
. . .

All the assets of Gaddafi’s regime held outside of Libya should be seized
and handed over to the revolutionary forces so that they can purchase arms,
food and medical resources necessary in their fight.

The Transitional National Council (TNC) should be recognised as the interim
government of the whole of Libya.

All oil and commercial contracts with the Gaddafi regime should be
cancelled, and that zero-interest credit be given with no strings to the
Transitional National Council for the purchase of arms and other

There should be no imperialist forces in Libya or the establishment of
military bases.
. . .

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