[Marxism] Greek coast guard stops Audacity of Hope

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 09:16:37 MDT 2011

I hate to interrupt yet another round of pointless fighting around
Libya, but this just in. Some cities have already called emergency
protests, stay tuned:

Please everyone if you're not on the US to Gaza list, start regularly
tracking the updates at the top center of ustogaza.org
A few minutes ago I got an email from national US to Gaza that the
Audacity of Hope had left the port 945 am our time. Then I got one
saying the Greek Coast Guard had stopped them 1018 am our time..
Below are the updates since then at the site, so rather than any of us
individually updating this list constantly everyone please check the
site regularly. EXCEPT of course for particularly crucial turn of
events when anyone should feel free to shout out to our lists.
And let's stay in touch about what this means for emergency response!
•The boat isn't moving, blocked by Greek Coast Guard, passengers are
chanting "Let it sail to Gaza" #flotilla2 5 mins ago
•Greek coast guard demands @USBOATTOGAZA returns to port. #flotilla2
10 mins ago
•The Greek Coast Guard has stopped @USBOATTOGAZA after about 15-20
minutes of sailing. #flotilla2 13 mins ago
•MT . at ibnezra Greeks just intercepted @USBOATTOGAZA #flotilla2 14 mins ago
•MT . at ibnezra The boat is now stopped. The coast guard is blocking us.
#flotilla2 19 mins ago
•More updates...

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