[Marxism] US favors keeping Assad in power

Fred Feldman ffeldman at verizon.net
Fri Jul 1 11:06:18 MDT 2011

Louis Proyect submitted:


I am glad that Louis submitted this article from the Guardian, which I had
considered submitting myself though I decided to finish my project on the
New York Times editorial instead. Thank you for saving me this trouble.


Allow me to suggest that the US policy is not determined primarily by the
fact that Assad already does everything they might possibly want and they
would never do anything that might hurt him - the line of argument that
Louis used to justify the claim that there could not possibly be a war
against the faithful imperialist slave Gadhafi.


Despite the temptations of overthrowing Assad, it seems that the
imperialists have decided that he is the lesser evil in the circumstances-at
least for now.  Allow me to suspect that at least one factor is their
knowledge of the movement against him, and how they evaluate their
performance during this costly struggle against a murdering regime.,


Since the beginning of the imperialist Libya war, Washington and its
imperialist allies have tried repeatedly to suggest that the Syrian
opposition call for them to "rescue" the country, and save the protesters
who have been subjected to savage repression.

What have they gotten for their efforts? Nada.


They have not been able to inspire any sector of this movement to issue the
calls for the US to "save" them and place them in power that became
profoundly characteristic of the movement in Libya. Even though some
elements in the Libya movement really do have a pro-Al Qaeda background
(which I do not condemn), the fact that the Syrian movement (despite
including, as far as I know, no ex-Al Qaeda types) refuses to issue such
calls is bound to reinforce suspicions that they may not be ready to go
along with the imperialist program.


I understand that the Libyan movement is vastly less experienced than the
Syrian one.   The Libvan activists have much more limited knowledge  of such
factors, intimate to Syrians, as the state of Israel's hostility, occupation
of Syrian territory, and the catastrophic results of the imperialist  war
and occupation o Iraq.


In my opinion, Washington's clear turn, for the moment, toward salvaging the
Assad regime if possiblr reflects the imperialists fears about the mass and
profoundly self-sacrificing opposition in Syria, just as the calls  of  the
Libyan "revolutionaries" to :"save" them and place them in power sent a
signal that the leadership - ex-Al Qaeda in part or not - was up for serving
a new master if that is what was required for  victory.

Fred Feldman

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