[Marxism] NYT still fighting for "revolution" in Libya. (Was: Arm the resistance - Victory to the Libyan revolution - No to the NATO/UN No Fly Zone)

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Fri Jul 1 14:05:03 MDT 2011

On 07/01/2011 11:00 AM, Mark Lause wrote:
> I particularly share the wonderment at the priority people place in fighting
> over this when I look at the fearsome realities out my front door.

i wish i could say its mildly interesting watching someone like Eli 
hammer this email list into a dead end waste of time. but i can't.

and i am somewhat partial to those who say we have to protest US policy 
on Libya first and foremost. but Eli's  brand of list activity of late 
is pure which-side-are-you-on bullshit in a case where I THINK most 
people are approximately on the same side.

i mean, i met a guy who's just fresh back from the protests in Greece 
and i have avoided giving him the marxmail list address because frankly 
i fear he would simply  find it off-topic. and i know how he feels about 
the Libya bombing.

on this "approximately on the same side" point: i've thought about this 
a long while. nearly everyone who posts to this list is an outspoken 
firebrand of some kind or another. everyone is capable of telling others 
what they think. in such an environment, it is totally pointless to go 
ON AND ON AND ON AND ON debating, for example, Libya as we have. I have 
no trouble imagining Lou saying something like "you know, Eli, i really 
think in this case we should support NATO bombing of Libya". but he 
hasnt.  and i dont think he's thinking one thing and saying another.  he 
has no reason to do such. bourgeois politicians seeking re-election do 
this all the time. Lou doesnt need to.  for a number of years Lou has 
been clear to me about his involvement with this list. he is not trying 
to build a political party, he is trying to keep open a non-sectarian 
marxist discussion list where all persuasions can come and debate, so 
long as the list as a whole benefits from the debate. i do not see Lou 
writing leaflets and organizing in the streets. as far as i can tell 
that is not his immediate interest. so for Eli to split hairs with Lou 
regarding how his (Lou's) positions could be misinterpreted by all and 
various sundry, its a little (a lot) pointless. .

so, "Libya debaters" could do the rest of us a big favor and drop this 
debate *between yourselves*. NO ONE is getting anything out of this 
debate. you are repeating the same things over and over again. how you 
are each fighting the good fight in your home towns, that is 
interesting. how you are arguing with "Lou Proyect the Internet 
lightning rod"?: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Lou has to get to the point where he's had enough of this kind of list 
doldrums. i'm waiting...  with my finger on the moderation key.


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