[Marxism] US favors keeping Assad in power

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Hi Paul

I too have noted this pattern of making it up on the run.  Richard Seymour
wrote a thoughtful piece on the inconsistencies around the Libyan
intervention saying much the same thing. But what unites NATO, the US and
the House of Saud is of course opposition to the Arab Revolts.  They cannot
agree though on precisely where to draw the line.  They are pro-dictatorship
in the Gulf region, unsure about Assad and Saleh, but definitely it would
seem anti-Qaddafi, though some sort of deal involving a Qaddafi proxy may
yet be in the offing.  I say this because I think that there is a feeling in
the US that a victory for the rebels in Benghazi may lead to further
instability where the current face of the Benghazi clique morphs into
something the West does not like.

I am not so optimistic about that possibility. I remained focused on the
Egyptian situation where the possibility of a further revolt involving the
left and organised working class could bring down Tantawi and the ruling
council. What we may be witnessing especially this weekend is the beginning
of the Second Battle of Tahrir Square. Moreover I feel that the chances of a
victory for the people are quite good.

I read Tantawi as a weak interim figure. One incapable of charting a course
which would soften or co-opt sufficient sections of the Left or the working
class. I also think that the crucial question is that of Palestine. Only a
decisive move against Israel could build legitimacy for Tantawi and his
mates, but that the US and the House of Saud will not allow. So for want of
a better strategy we have the opening by the West towards the Muslim
Brotherhood.  This would seem to be the Saud solution and they are also
trying to stir in as much of their very own Salafi ingredient as they can.

It goes without saying on this list  that nothing the West initiates or
sponsors can solve the problems facing the Arabs.  They cannot deliver
higher living standards nor can they restore a sense of pride and decency.
To put this in Bhaskarese, they cannot absent the absences that plague the
Arab people.  And that as Bhaskar would said is the very 'pulse of freedom'.



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> The inconsistency in US responses to anti-government activity in the
> Arab world is very interesting.
> Peaceful demonstrations in Bahrein are brutally attacked by police.
> The US government does nothing beyond issuing a mild criticism.
> Peaceful demonstrations in Syria are brutally attacked by the army,
> entire towns are surrounded, hundreds of demonstrators are killed and
> injured. The US government calls for dialogue between Assad and
> oppositionists.
> An armed uprising in Libya is opposed by government forces. The US
> government joins in with Britain and France in hijacking the uprising
> and attempting to overthrow the government by force.
> Paul F
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