[Marxism] Anti-empire report: Libya: Unending American hostility

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The Anti-Empire Report
July 1st, 2011
by William Blum
Libya: Unending American hostility

If I could publicly ask our beloved president one question, it would
be this: "Mr. President, in your short time in office you've waged war
against six countries — Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen
and Libya. This makes me wonder something. With all due respect: What
is wrong with you?"

The American media has done its best to dismiss or ignore Libyan
charges that NATO/US missiles have been killing civilians (the people
they're supposedly protecting), at least up until the recent bombing
"error" that was too blatant to be covered up. But who in the
mainstream media has questioned the NATO/US charges that Libya was
targeting and "massacring" Libyan civilians a few months ago, which,
we've been told, is the reason for the Western powers attacks? Don't
look to Al Jazeera for such questioning. The government of Qatar,
which owns the station, has a deep-seated animosity toward Libyan
leader Muammar Gaddafi and was itself a leading purveyor of the Libyan
"massacre" stories, as well as playing a military role in the war
against Tripoli. Al Jazeera's reporting on the subject has been so
disgraceful I've stopped looking at the station.

Alain Juppé, Foreign Minister of France, which has been the leading
force behind the attacks on Libya, spoke at the Brookings Institution
in Washington on June 7. After his talk he was asked a question from
the audience by local activist Ken Meyercord:

"An American observer of events in Libya has commented: 'The evidence
was not persuasive that a large-scale massacre or genocide was either
likely or imminent.' That comment was made by Richard Haass, President
of our Council on Foreign Relations. If Mr. Haass is right, and he's a
fairly knowledgeable fellow, then what NATO has done in Libya is
attack a country that wasn't threatening anyone; in other words,
aggression. Are you at all concerned that as NATO deals more and more
death and destruction on the people of Libya that the International
Criminal Court may decide that you and your friends in the Naked
Aggression Treaty Organization should be prosecuted rather than Mr.

Monsieur Juppé then stated, without attribution, somebody's estimate
that 15,000 Libyan civilians had been killed by pro-Gaddafi forces. To
which Mr. Meyercord replied: "So where are the 15,000 bodies?" M.
Juppé failed to respond to this, although in the tumult caused bt the
first question, it was not certain that he had heard the second one.
(For a counter-view of the Libyan "massacre" stories, see this video.
http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread691464/pg1 )

It should be noted that, as of June 30, NATO had flown 13,184 air
missions (sorties) over Libya, 4,963 of which are described as strike
sorties. You can find the latest figures on the Allied Command
Operations website.

If any foreign power fired missiles at the United States would Barack
Obama regard that as an act of war? If the US firing hundreds of
missiles at Libya is not an act of war, as Obama insists (to avoid
having to declare war as required by US law), then the deaths
resulting from the missile attacks are murder. That's it. It's either
war or murder. To the extent there's a difference between the two.

It should be further noted that since Gaddafi came to power in 1969
there has virtually never been a sustained period when the United
States has been prepared to treat him and the many positive changes
he's instituted in Libya and Africa with any respect. For a history of
this hostility, including the continual lies and scare campaigns, see
my Libya chapter in Killing Hope.

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