[Marxism] Turn in DSK case....(reformatted)

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sun Jul 3 09:41:32 MDT 2011

On 7/3/2011 10:58 AM, Shane Mage wrote:
> Except that no "physical evidence" exists.  In his hysterical delusion 
> that nobody has ever been convicted of raping anyone who can't be 
> proven to be a "secular saint," Fred simply throws down the memory 
> hole the crucial "revelation" that the prosecution team (under the 
> strongest legal obligation) was compelled to disclose: that the 
> extortionist initially lied to them about her conduct after the 
> supposed encounter

ummmmm, i cannot stand idly by and watching this sexist tripe being 
spilled on this list. anyone who can read a newspaper can see how 
Shane's stance is blame-the-woman run amuck.


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