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Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at hunterbear.org
Sun Jul 3 09:59:19 MDT 2011


Compared to much of the rest of this country, we're probably fortunate to be living here in the Gem State.  No massive disasters -- at least not yet.  A large snow pac in the high mountains and adequate rain have kept things, sans any serious flooding, nicely watered.  No forest/brush fires of significance and, if one should come near us, we and our neighbors know how to handle it.  Tornadoes, not completely absent in this region, are rare and small.  About the only "natural thing" we need to fret about is the perennial threat of earthquakes -- but that would be rare and, around here, mostly down in the valley below. [Pocatello did have a quake back in the '70s that did some damage.]  We have contingency plans and earthquake insurance.  We are troubled by the very contemporary Exxon oil spill into the Yellowstone River at Billings, MT, but even that's some good distance away.  Our relative safety, of course, doesn't mean we aren't mighty empathetic with those less fortunate on many fronts, wherever globally they may be.

There is a fair amount of mayhem, deliberate and accidental, in our general setting -- but that's a standard component of the Idaho cultural variant.

The weather is getting hot.  We have three weather systems and predicting That is fluky.  There are also several television stations in these parts and my personal policy is, if I don't like the prediction of one, I simply try the others until I find something that's comfortable.  But, at this point, they all predict 90s heat for the next week.  That's really not too off the mark around here but Flagstaff has been in the 90s -- and that's rare at its 7,000 feet above sea level. [We here are 5,000 and Poky down below is 4,500.]

I've always been aware of the inherent flaws in the "justice system" in large urban/industrial societies.  I don't buy the idea that every  person "of the fewest alternatives" charged  has been framed-up and that every person "of affluence" who may likewise become entangled is guilty. [I doubt that any of us see things in those terms.]  Because I know the political Machiavellianism that's finessed in North Carolina, I was quick to see the Duke Lacrosse kids as innocent of rape -- pawns in the scheme of a DA who was running hard in an election campaign where his two contenders were very well qualified -- an Anglo woman and a Black man. 

 And I always remember, among many other cases in which I've been involved,  Charles Lee Parker, the mid-teens Black kid in Halifax County, N.C., who was enticed by an older white woman. When this was discovered by her husband, the woman charged the boy with breaking and entering her home -- a capital offense in those circumstances.  We learned of his situation after he'd pled guilty -- frightened by the possibility of a death sentence -- and drew Life. Eventually, and it took a good while, he was freed, not quite exonerated, but Out.  Good volunteer lawyers we found at Duke and UNC were of great assistance in that long pull.  

And, since I had known polygamist Mormons in the Arizona/Utah context, I was quick to denounce the wild charges of child abuse against them which were focused on their new colony in West Texas. Those charges were sparked by one strange woman [not really a part of polygamist culture] which led to a wild and hostile media frenzy, arrests of some polygamists, the seizure of hundreds of children, much more of an infamous nature.  While some people accepted my assessment that these were false charges against peaceful people who were simply Mormon fundamentalists, other folks obviously believed Texas, CNN and MSNBC and a flood of other hysterics.  In the end, the polygamist people were quite exonerated by the Texas appellate courts and the children returned to their parents.

Personally, I tend to be cautious when it comes to conspiracy theories.  When the French socialist/capitalist or capitalist/socialist was charged functionally with rape in New York, his "ladies' man" background made me think that he could -- could well -- be guilty. [I did withhold absolute judgment.] At this point, the case stemming from the charges of the housekeeper, herself now publicly awash in very dubious personal and fiscal matters, is fast deteriorating.  Since the French man was slated to run for president of that country -- and certainly would be an improvement over the present one -- the possibility of conspiracy in all of this seems well worth exploring in detail.

And conspiracy is quite obvious in the hurdles being dumped on the humanitarian Boat-to-Gaza.  Some media are placing that on Greece [the obviously tangible factor at this point] and with Israel in the background.  Well, they're obviously involved -- but I think most of us would point to DC as the First Cause.

Finally, a week ago, Eldri and I very quietly [with Maria] marked our 50th wedding anniversary.  Time does run away like a jackrabbit in the sage.  Now and then, I've sort of thought I might want to retire as "head of the family."  Some time ago, Maria and Josie turned down that job and, a few days ago, I queried John and Peter [Mack.]  No takers. [ I haven't bothered Thomas with this since he's too busy with his medical duties but, I suppose, something could be said for a budding psychiatrist as head of this horde.]

But yesterday, I sat in my living room chair and looked across to where Sky Gray lay prone in one of her favorite places -- atop the genuinely antique New England Red Dresser.  Her head rested comfortably on a smooth and polished and ancient Native axe head and immediately behind her were [as they always are up there] several significant Native antiquities -- very notably our large Toltec stone head [Tezcatlipoca, Lord of Sorcerers and Patron of the Warrior Orders.]  While His black obsidian eyes looked directly at me, Sky occasionally opened hers, checked me out, and surveyed the scene.  I suddenly realized that there may well be a hitherto unrecognized "collective" leadership of this turbulent family, all  consciously alert and all nicely a-throne a-top the Red Dresser.

(To those not familiar with our family:  Maria is our oldest daughter, Josie our youngest; John is the oldest son and Peter the youngest; and Thomas is our grandson/son. There are ten grandchildren thus far.  Sky Gray, of course, is my very faithful Cat.)

In Solidarity,

Hunter [Hunter Bear]

Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk 
Protected by Na´shdo´i´ba´i´ 
and Ohkwari' 
I have always lived and worked in the Borderlands.
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