[Marxism] Israeli blockings of Gaza flotillas - "Don’t lose heart. This struggle is a long one"

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*Don’t lose heart. This struggle is a long one*
Jul 02, 2011 01:23 pm | Ahmed Moor


Evidently, the Israelis and Americans (and the French and Germans?) have
succeeded in pressuring the failing Greek government into preventing the
flotilla from sailing. As Medea Benjamin pointed out
this likely has a lot to do with Greece’s sovereign debt crisis.

While many of us feel angry, it’s probably best not to direct our anger at
the Greek government. After all, here is a coalition which has surrendered
its sovereign decision-making process in order to secure a few more billion
stopgap dollars. And for all its troubles – for the hot humiliation of being
dictated to – the Papandreou government will likely still be “restructured.”
The average Greek deserves our sympathy for the years of economic and social
pain they’re in for (probably, the average EU citizen too).

Collectively, it’s important for activists to remember that the flotilla
isn’t a goal unto itself. The main objective here is to draw attention to
numerous Israeli violations of international law (chiefly, ghettoizing a
people through collective punishment for racial difference). The dedicated
activists on the Gaza-bound ships are risking their lives to publicize the
human rights and needs of the Palestinians in Gaza. That’s where the focus
ought to remain.

The main project at hand is working towards a just solution to the conflict,
which I believe means overcoming Zionism. All indications suggest that we’re
succeeding at an astonishing pace (remember, W&M and Carter’s book were
published only five years ago).

The recent Michelle Goldberg review of Lisa Baron’s
representative of the kind of progress that we’re making. Goldberg
the post here which highlighted the review) both noted that Baron feels
compelled to fellate the Republican Party because she’s a Zionist.

What’s more interesting, however, is that Goldberg (I’m guessing that she’s
Jewish, but I may be wrong) locates Zionism as a distant phenomenon,
something away from her.

She writes about the “the perversity of the Zionist alliance between hawkish
Jews and the Christian right.” Her words and framing suggest that she
herself is set apart from Zionism – that it’s something deviant Republicans
are into.

I may be taking too much from words that are particularized and
non-generalizable; I don’t know Goldberg personally. But she is a writer for
the liberal(ish) Daily Beast who locates Zionism distally. More importantly,
she doesn’t make any obvious attempt to reclaim Zionism for the left. I
believe the trend will continue; Zionism is the hole where Shelly Adelson
hunkers down with Rudy Giuliani to scare small children.

But back to the flotilla: It is far from a foregone conclusion that the
flotilla has been successfully undermined by Obama and Netanyahu. I’m
hopeful that it will still sail.

We must recognize however, that the flotilla may not sail.

It is easy to feel powerless, helpless and small when faced with the
combined power of large states and supranational institutions, particularly
when they’re subordinated to nefarious personal ambitions and special
interests. But this is not the time lose heart.

The Palestinian struggle is a long one. The Palestinian people have
experienced heartbreak after setback after shocking disappointment for
generations now.

And yet, the struggle continues. Indeed, Palestinian resilience is a
hallmark of the struggle. Our struggle will continue for the foreseeable
future; this won’t get any easier.

In the nearer term, the Papandreou government will fail. The
special-interest automatons occupying the dining rooms of the Four Seasons
on both sides of the Atlantic will fail. That’s partly because activists
will double, redouble, and treble their efforts. But it’s also because the
Obamas of the world are hollow and cynical: shiny trinkets do not comprise a
value system.

We are driven by the unyielding belief in justice, above all. We are
unmovable. And we will prevail.

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