[Marxism] Israeli blockings of Gaza flotillas - "Don’t lose heart. This struggle is a long one"

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 12:46:37 MDT 2011

Mondoweiss is an invaluable source of information (even if its
moderator, Philip Weiss, sometimes panders to conspiracy theories
about Israel leading the US by the nose; see jewbonics for healthy
correctives to that).
During this flotilla crisis I've been checking Mondoweiss three times as often.
But the Ahmed Moor piece is the LAST one I'd recommend from that site.
Ahmed is in normal times stupid, conservative and/or naive: a
two-stater, among other things.
Now, for him to try to dissuade us from putting pressure on the Greek
government, is criminally stupid. And out of supposed sympathy with
Greek workers?
On the contrary: solidarity between Greek workers and flotilla
participants is happening NOW, and AGAINST the Greek government (and
their US, EU and Israeli bosses).
See my
See also the PFLP's excellent statement on this (don't have URL handy,
will find).

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