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The funny thing about this was that Leo Strauss himself
was an atheist and was his other famous disciple, Allan Bloom.
Bloom was also BTW gay and he reportedly died from AIDS.
I remember twenty-five years ago when Bloom's book,
The Closing of the American Mind came out, it was
heavily promoted in all the conservative publications.
Now a days, one never hears even a peep about that
book or about Bloom from conservatives anymore.
I wonder what's up with that?

> Really, let's see, the sexual mores of the ancient Greeks were 
> what?
> and their religious mythology and ethos was what?  Remember that 
> guy
> Prometheus?  the eroticism and open gay sexuality of much of 
> Hellenic
> culture? No, the Greeks and Aristotle, rightly or wrongly, viewed
> "Asian" nations like the Hebrews as inferior and primitive and
> pitiable rubes with Aristotle telling Alexander the Great that it 
> was
> right and proper for them to be ruled over by him as the
> representative of "The Greeks".  Ultimately they showed their 
> contempt
> for what they viewed as a neolithic cult by sacking the Hebrew 
> temple
> during the war of the Maccabees in the second century bc and
> butchering a pig on its altar, although the Jews triumphed in the 
> end.
>  Some comrades in arms of the "Biblical tradition".

Well, in a sense Jaffa is correct that Western civilization as we
know is an outgrowth of both Athens and Jerusalem.  But he
ignores the long and complex history which made any kind of fusion of
these two traditions possible.  After all as people like
Nietzsche, who was an able philologist, pointed out, lots
of contradictions were simply papered over and were never

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