[Marxism] PSL Editorial: Libya and the united front

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jul 4 10:56:39 MDT 2011

On 7/4/11 12:12 PM, Eli Stephens wrote:
> Writing during World War I, Russian revolutionary leader V.I. Lenin
> differentiated the socialist movement into three sections: the
> revolutionary left, the social-imperialists (socialist in name, but
> openly pro-imperialist), and the “centrists.” He focused most of his
> polemical writing against the “center” group, represented by German
> socialist Karl Kautsky, who advocated radical positions in theory,
> but refused to take actions that would risk isolation from the
> pro-imperialist left. Lenin argued that regardless of their radical
> pretenses, the “centrists” were “accomplices” of imperialism.
> This relates directly to the present situation.

Becker Brothers Lenin-channeling megalomania firing on all 8 cylinders.

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