[Marxism] PSL Editorial: Libya and the united front

Tristan Sloughter kungfooguru at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 15:33:29 MDT 2011

When first reading your response and then the PSL editorial I wondered if
Andy was being too harsh -- I am not too knowledgable abou the PSL. But
after reading through the editorial he seems right on, though I've often
found the throwing around of the term 'Stalinists' at groups (I mostly hear
it heard hurled and the PSL and Sparks I think) may not be productive.

That said, the interesting part to me is:

' Advocating for the rebels now is advocating for NATO.'

While I think from the news coming from the US media on the rebels almost
implies there are multiple groups and they are trying to get the Libyans
(usually who actually have been living outside of Libya, right?) they
support to be able to take full control of the rebellion.

So to me saying one can not advocate for the rebel is saying one can not
advocate for the working class of Libya! And if advocating for anyone
against Gaddafi is advocating for NATO how is that not basically the same as
supporting Gaddafi!

This is the part that made it clear to me that it is not the other Left
groups, who oppose NATO intervention, who are the problem in uniting in
opposition in opposing the intervention but clearly the PSL themselves. As
they first argue we can all work together as long as we oppose the NATO war
but then say those of us who oppose the intervention and rallying against
it actually support it!


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