[Marxism] PSL Editorial: Libya and the united front

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 4 17:31:05 MDT 2011

Tristan writes (echoing the sentiments of others):
"So to me saying one can not advocate for the rebel is saying one can not advocate for the working class of Libya! And if advocating for anyone against Gaddafi is advocating for NATO how is that not basically the same as supporting Gaddafi!"

I think a key line in the editorial I posted is this one: "In other cases it results in the hopelessly confused slogan of “Yes to the rebels, no to the intervention!”"

Which I have put previously (in the discussion of the "Arm the resistance" statement" from the Socialist Resistance group) like this, and never received an answer:

"If you really believe in "victory to the Libyan revolution" [or "Down with Gaddafi"], why WOULDN'T you support a no-fly zone? After all, the evidence was that this "revolution" was going to be defeated in the absence of US/NATO intervention. And if you're going to support the US and NATO arming the resistance [as this statement did, that's not to say that everyone shouting "Down with Gaddafi" agrees with that], and seizing the assets of the Libyan government, is it really THAT big of a step to support them also shooting down Libyan planes? After all, war is offense AND defense. Why would you support the US and NATO helping to support the offensive side of the revolution with arms and money, but not support them helping the defensive side by providing a shield against air attacks?"

Either the slogan "down with Gaddafi" is just empty words, and wishful thinking, or it means something. And if it means something, and you're in an imperialist country, it can only mean one thing - support for the imperialist war on Libya.

Eli Stephens
 Left I on the News

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