[Marxism] Warning against confidence in the NY Citizens Complaint Review Board (CCRb).

Fred Feldman ffeldman at verizon.net
Mon Jul 4 19:02:04 MDT 2011

This, whether or not the origins are ultraleft in one form or another or
not, smells to me to be good advice in dealing with this agency. I speak as
one who has watched various Law and Orders for years, yelling at the screen
for suspects to "lawyer up" and "stop talking" and am very cautious about
plea bargaining, although sometimes lawyers have an obligation to understand
the relationship of forces facing their clients and take deals.

At any rate, I recommend that victims take this advice as a good starting
point. Lawyer up!
Fred Feldman

A recent, disturbingly naive post circulating (from seasoned and usually
highly effective activists) reminds us how many NYers are still deceived by
CCRB...presumably both because of this city department's Orwellian name and
their deliberate outreach campaign to trick potential brutality litigants,
political organizers and progressives into talking to them, usually against
their own interests or against the interests of some other NYer. 


Please, please, let's sing it together now.

CCRB is, by charter and city policy, explicitly created to sabotage
brutality claims against the NYPD, and to increase cop impunity.  It's a
city-run department, controlled as a matter of law by present and past law
enforcement and criminal justice system career operatives.  

Their staff's job is to take evidence statements from witnesses specifically
without their attorney present.  And as in any interrogation, they are
allowed to lie, deceive and manipulate for the sake of extracting or
manufacturing evidence for their case, which as a matter of law is the
city's case.  

I am not a lawyer and cannot give advice.  But any brutality attorney will
tell you that filing any report with CCRB is essentially agreeing to work
*for* the city against all survivors, potential brutality claimants and
political arrestees, particularly oneself.  

It is common for statements "voluntarily" given in a CCRB interrogation to
be used *against* the complainant and even to jail or convict them.   And I
have personally witnessed "outreach" workers visit an organizing group that
later documents proved the city planned to physical attack, torture and to
maliciously prosecute with false evidence for political purposes.  They
admit to such a program.  Like every city department they also have a
publicity budget.

Some quick history.  In response to a rapid acceleration in NYPD assaults
and murders and systemic criminality, in the 1970s there was a *genuine*
local movement among NYC liberals to create an independent and genuinely
civilian-run investigative body.  

But in response and to defend NYPD violence and racial, caste and political
repression, the party revised the original proposal, creating its exact
opposite.  The party then deceptively phrased the charter revision proposal
to make it *appear* CCRB would be a check on cop brutality, an
anti-brutality investigative body, rather than the pro-brutality body it was
actually designed as by law.  

The resulting Orwellian CCRB proposal was overwhelmingly popular, but ONLY
because of this misconception, centered around a (presumably organized) news
blackout against the very same brutality activists who had developed the
anti-brutality movement and original legal proposals.  

Every anti-brutality activist in the city fought *against* the creation of
the CCRB as it now exists.  But voters were successfully tricked.  And the
courts and Council have never reversed this criminal hoax.  (Which is in
itself telling.)

By charter, the only "civilians" controlling the board are pro-cop.  CCRB
staff's chartered mission is to sabotage or discourage civil court process
and to gather criminal evidence against civilians, using any means

Talk to attorneys, never to cops or city agencies.  Any information you give
a city agency can harm somebody, no matter how harmless it may seem.  These
people are professionals.  You cannot expect to out-smart them.  

I am not an attorney and cannot give legal advice.  


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