[Marxism] "Sales"?

Tom Cod tomcod3 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 19:53:10 MDT 2011

What about Sales?  When I was in law school they had whole courses on
this, but in my previous history as an acolyte in the Marxist left the
whole focus was on production, the labor theory of value and the
capitalist's expropriation of the surplus value with the shop worn
theory of supply and demand being completely discounted-although I
noted in recently reading Value, Price and Profit, Marx appears to
give it its due.  So, I mean, isn't a sale needed to realize that
surplus value.  A sophomoric young high priest on a marxist listserv
scoffed in my face when I asserted there is "overwhelming evidence"
that supply and demand and subjective factors in the minds of buyers
affect prices and market behavior.  leaving aside Marketing 101, why
is that wrong?  Don't we always hear about what the market is
"thinking" or how the prices of various items are affected by rumors
and news (and how corporate con artist exploit that)?   For example,
say I've got an ounce of medical weed, I'm gonna sell it for what
someone tells me the value of the amount of labor involved in
producing is?  Well, maybe I would, but a less scrupulous guy is gonna
sell it for what the "market will bear" and will do whatever he can to
increase that ceiling as getting profit by hook or by crook is that
kinda guy's guiding light.

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