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Mon Jul 4 22:24:58 MDT 2011

By *Paul Le Blanc*

This presentation was given at the Chicago educational conference of the 
US International Socialist Organization's /Socialism 2011/, on the July 
2-3, 2011, weekend.

* * *

It is always worth examining the question of Marxism and organisation 
because, if we would like to be organised Marxists who effectively 
struggle for socialism, we have a responsibility to know what we are 
about -- and such knowledge is deepened by ongoing examination. There 
are scholarly reasons for going over such ground, but for activists the 
primary purpose is to improve our ability to help change the world. 
There are three basic ideas to be elaborated on here: 1) there must be a 
coming together of socialism and the working class if either is to have 
a positive future; 2) those of us who think like that need to work 
together hard and effectively -- which means we need to be part of a 
serious organisation; and 3) socialist organisations must be a 
democratic/disciplined force in actual workers’ struggles -- that is the 
path to socialism. In what follows I will elaborate on this.

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