[Marxism] "Sales"?

Leonardo Kosloff holmoff10 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 5 14:19:41 MDT 2011

Tom wrote:
“Well that's all well and good, but I don't think our function should
be to be priests and gatekeepers of Karl Marx's works, so much as to
to explain and demystify the operations of the capitalist system in an
understandable manner to the working class to aid in their liberation.”
Funny, you don’t want to be a priest, but horrified by the name Marx, you arrogate yourself the explanation and demystification of capitalism, even if that implies giving the workers mystified ideology, of course, if you read Lenin and got it all understood in high school then that ought to be the end of it, (for the high school mentality of workers ?). Don’t know if you heard, but anyone can complain about the evil of finance, the big monopolists, etc. etc., particularly all those small petty capitalists who are more than happy to exploit workers far more to survive in competitive struggle. Oh wait, the workers should ally with the petty bourgeoisie, industrialization, development, until the chicken comes home to roost and they get stabbed in the back...
I don’t come here to speak in the name of Marx, I speak for myself, Tom.
Tom further wrote:
“Yeah, and the price of that commodity labor, if not its value, natural
mean or not, is also determined by the working class through labor
At this point Tom, I doubt you know what price means, so far you’ve replicated to the letter what the most rancid bourgeois ideologists prattle ad nauseam, it’s all “subjectively” determined, as if that subjectivity sprung from an abstract Friedmanite freedom. Now you espouse some kind of “class struggle” theory of prices when you haven’t even based the necessity of that struggle in reality, as if workers “chose” to struggle for a wage out of their own abstract free will…and you claim you’re out to demystify capitalism?
I took some time to respond to your question, perhaps it wasn’t as subdued and nuanced and superficial as you want it, but when you say we, those who utter the word Marx, are “high priests”, dismissing everything I said with a vulgar appearance, well, speak for yourself comrade.
Now before you get carried away by my "scoffing", I’m only trying to keep things clear, do you have anything to say about what I said, are you going to engage the argument or just, very ecumenically, complain about priesthood and leave it at that? 		 	   		  

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