[Marxism] Who do the "Libyan people" support?

Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Wed Jul 6 00:30:51 MDT 2011

Dayne Goodwin (daynegoodwin at gmail.com) wrote on 2011-07-05 at 07:58:44
in  about Re: [Marxism] Who do the "Libyan people" support?:
>As already argued, socialists support the popular uprising against the
>Qaddafi dictatorship, and we have no truck with defenders of Qaddafi.
>But we also oppose the imposition of the no-fly zone and other forms
>of Western intervention because, in strengthening the role of imperial
>intervention in the Libyan revolution, they undermine the prospect of
>genuine freedom and independence...

   The problem is, that there is no longer a "popular uprising against the
Qaddafi dictatorship", but an imperialist war against Libya, supported by  
the most reactionary Arab regimes, to put the country again under the  
colonialist boot.

   You try to straddle on the barricade between the US/French/British  
regimes, and your wet dreams.

    The real effect is that you are just a "useful idiot" for the war of the
imperialist and colonialist forces together with the most reactionary  
of the Arab countries (Saudi Arabia and the other absolute monarchs of the
Arab peninsula) against the Arab nation.   

    How pathetic. How disgusting.

    And think about why this confusenic author of above quoted lines is  
using the battle word of imperialist propaganda "dictator" for the Libyan  
government -- a "dictator" is each and every president or prime minister of  
a Third World country who does not succumb to the dictates of Washington.

    And think why the German government is supporting the war against the
Arab nation by giving green light for the delivery of 200 tanks of type
"Leopard 2" to the Saudi monarchy, which is one of the forces supporting  
war against Libya.

Lüko Willms
Frankfurt, Germany

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