[Marxism] Invitation to Listserve Discussing How to Transform Society

John A Imani johnaimani at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 6 16:16:56 MDT 2011


 Would like to have your input on how it is that capitalism has failed.  More
importantly it is high time that we discussed how it is that we might do things 
differently.  That is, what would our new society look like.
During a discussion on "The Economic Workings of a New Society", held at the
Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair on June 25, 2011, it was proposed that a
listserve dedicated to a discussion of thoughts, ideas and descriptions as to
how a more humane society might look as compared to the brutalities of

  The list will be un-moderated for members, this means that your messages will
not be subjected to subjective opinion as to whether it is valid or not.  This
means that you will be able to submit full documents to be posted on the
listserve. This means that prior writings of other authors that you admire may
be posted. Only the list of the subscribers will be held confidential.

  Cases of spam sent to the listserve will result in 1 warning (as we all, I
think, have been 'high-jacked').  The 2nd case will result in de-listing.  The
de-listing can be appealed to the list.

  Should there be any proposed additions to this description, they can be
forwarded to the listserve and added should no objections occur.  If so then
this as all questions can be discussed.

  If you'd like to join, respond to this e-mail and I will add you.


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