[Marxism] Behind the collapse of the SWP: a reply to Alan Wald

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 7 16:25:48 MDT 2011

In the latest issue of Against the Current, a nominally independent 
magazine that reflects the viewpoint of Solidarity, there is a long 
(11,562 words) article by Alan Wald on two recent memoirs by former SWP 
leaders. Since Wald attempts his own post-mortem report on Leon 
Trotsky’s favorite party that differs from those offered by memoirists 
Les Evans and Peter Camejo, it is understandable why the article is so 
long. Ever since I began writing about this topic on the Internet, I 
probably have devoted something close to 100,000 words. Since this party 
had an enormous grip on the psyche of its younger members like Wald and 
me, and since its decline was so precipitous, there is a natural 
tendency for former members to go on at length. And when those people 
are writers, who are either professionals like Wald or patzers like me, 
you can expect buckets and buckets of prose.


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