[Marxism] YouTube - ‪Rebekah Brooks admits to paying police‬‏

Greg Adler grega2728 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 05:29:55 MDT 2011

This amazing you tube clip shows Rebekah Brooks the editor of the soon to be
News of the World admitting to a Parliamentary committe that NOTW had paid
police for
information in the past with her then boss Andy Coulson desperately moving
to cover
up by saying the payments only happened within the law.
A nonsense defence as paying police for information is illegal. The Murdoch
petrified parliamentarians
allow this to pass on by.
Coulson went on to become the spokesman for the Tory government under David
Cameron. Cameron defended
him as the phone hacking scandal spread from royals to politicians and
celebrities finally cutting him loose a
couple of months ago.
Now the expectation is that Coulson is to be arrested.
Brooks has been kept on as a buffer to be sacrificed if necessary to
keep the heat off Murdoch and
his son James who runs the UK operations and seems to be his preferred
The closure of NOTW this weekend comes as major advertisers have deserted
it. Already News
has copyrighted the Sunday Sun name so the dead paper can be replaced by a
seventh day
edition of the the Murdoch-owned Sun.This maybe remembers as the rag that
greeted the sinking
of the  Belgrano in the Malvinas War with the full frontpage headline
The other thing playing on the Murdochs minds is their bid to gain complete
ownership of the BSkyB
network-a sort of British version of Fox news  without the hysterical
Beck-O'Reilly-Hannity-Palin edge.


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