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As a top educational theorist wrote me just now about Foster's piece, 

"A classical example of writing thirty years of critical scholarship on education out of history. Can you imagine that he does not mention the work of Stanley Aronowitz or Henry Giroux's Theory and Resistance in Education as a response to Schooling in Capitalist Society? Or even the emergence of the new sociology of education in the 1980s? Another example of the limitations of the political economy model."

Yes, Foster make some good points, but by its wave upon wave upon wave of omissions, Foster's piece is a travesty.

And to think, Foster is a sociologist!

Brian McKenna

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The summer double issue of Monthly Review is on education in the United States. 
ohn Bellamy Foster has written a fine overview of the main issues. It is, I 
hink, a model of informed andpassionate scholarship.  It is well worth reading. 
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