[Marxism] Greenwald lashes out at Obama deal offer on SS, Medicare

Fred Feldman ffeldman at verizon.net
Fri Jul 8 08:53:30 MDT 2011

Sorry, Louis and anyone else who ran into a problem with the URL


I tried to shorten the URL so that it would be easier to use on the Marxmail
page.  This usually works out okay but this time it led to a different
article, one reassuring everyone that the Republicans would never cut a deal
with Obama on taxes - and vice versa, I assume - and therefore SS is safe.
When the rulers get an offer like this from Obama, counting on Republican
intransigence to save us is ridiculous.


Here's the URL:



One further point: I think the whole liberal clamor about the economy
collapsing if the debt limit isn't raised right now is a scam that sets us
up for accepting any price for a deal to prevent the end time.


A "default" because of the Republican gaming of the deficit would be totally
artificial in fact, unlike the course toward default in Greece, although the
rulers might use it to impose "emergency" cuts in services that can be made
permanent, in whole or part, after the "crisis" is more or less resolved..


There could also be a one-day stock market crash, of the kind that enables
the big investors to clean up on the lesser ones. But things would be
stabilized quickly.


It is possible that the US economy will collapse sometime fairly soon, but
neither the deficit nor the fighting over the  ceiling (which will be raised
-  we don't need to worry about it and, in fact, it is no concern of ours at
all) will have much or anything to do with it.


The only thing that matters to us in this whole scam-issue is fighting to
preserve the social benefits won in the past by working people, and
ultimately to begin to march forward again. As a movie character once quoted
Sir Walter Raleigh  as saying about tobacco, "the rest is just smoke."

Fred Feldman

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