[Marxism] good essay on eduction

MICHAEL YATES mikedjyates at msn.com
Fri Jul 8 10:58:18 MDT 2011

Brian McKenna takes John Foster to task for his essay on education in the summer issue of Monthly Review.Well, Brian, we await your essay on education or your formal rebuttal of Foster's essay. The political economyapproach is, in general, missing in the issue, so this is one reason Foster focused on it.  With respect to the two people you mention whom Foster ignores, I don't know the last timeAronowitz had anything interesting to say. Not that long ago he was saying that capitalism meant the end of jobs, in a workabout as foolish as can be imagined. Foster is well aware of Henry Giroux, as is anyone who has written on education. You dismiss an essay as a travesty, without giving chapter and verse.  Another example of what I call"bar talk," the kind of stupidity you hear when you are sitting next to someone at a bar who has had too many drinks and thinks he is saying remarkably intelligent things when the opposite is the case. Get off that barstool Brian and get to work.  		 	   		  

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