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Hi Michael,

I like much of John Bellamy Foster's work. He has advanced my thinking on the environmental issue and much else. At the same time, I still hold that this particular piece is a "distorted representation of something" (a definition of travesty). 

How does Foster justify the exclusion of Giroux if he is so aware of him? Does he mean to dismiss him? That is unacceptable.

And Stanley Aronowitz has searing insights into education that keep coming. Foster should read Aronowitz's 

Against Schooling: For an Education that Matters (2008)

The Knowledge Factory: Dismantling the Corporate University

Henry Giroux is one of the premier intellectuals of our time, a book a year. See one of his latest:
Zombie Politics and Culture in the Age of Casino Capitalism




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Brian McKenna takes John Foster to task for his essay on education in the summer 
ssue of Monthly Review.Well, Brian, we await your essay on education or your 
ormal rebuttal of Foster's essay. The political economyapproach is, in general, 
issing in the issue, so this is one reason Foster focused on it.  With respect 
o the two people you mention whom Foster ignores, I don't know the last 
imeAronowitz had anything interesting to say. Not that long ago he was saying 
hat capitalism meant the end of jobs, in a workabout as foolish as can be 
magined. Foster is well aware of Henry Giroux, as is anyone who has written on 
ducation. You dismiss an essay as a travesty, without giving chapter and verse.  
nother example of what I call"bar talk," the kind of stupidity you hear when 
ou are sitting next to someone at a bar who has had too many drinks and thinks 
e is saying remarkably intelligent things when the opposite is the case. Get 
ff that barstool Brian and get to work.        
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