[Marxism] good essay on eduction

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 22:43:22 MDT 2011

Hi Michael, & Brian

I have just finished with the titanic like struggle of ordering this edition
of Mr.  Have succeeded, I believe.  Found the article by Foster very
insightful.  It was good after all these years to be reintroduced to Bowles
& Gintis.  The years since then have been filled with just so much rubbish
especially of the neo-Nietzschean variety channeled though Foucault. BTW I
read Giroux regularly and have enormous respect for him. Aronowitz I have
not read lately and will try and make up for that.

In some ways I can understand Brian's frustrations with Foster's omissions,
but really no article can include everyone and besides Foster's brief was
political economy.  I would point out here that of course this approach is
limited but only in the sense that all approaches are limited in the sense
of having a focus. Foster for instance has nothing to say about pedagogy,
but it is silly, is it not, to advance that as a criticism.

I will re-read the Foster piece carefully and try to get time to put up
something about it on the list. However my parting comment is that we are
not in danger of an excess of political economic type analyses in education
and that is why I welcome Foster's piece wholeheartedly and will do my best
to draw the attention of my colleagues to it.



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