[Marxism] Marxism] Cuban CP rescinds expulsion of Esteban Morales

Fred Feldman ffeldman at verizon.net
Sat Jul 9 08:56:39 MDT 2011

John Edmundsen submitted
Fred wrote:
> I am sure that someone will interpret his statement that this has been a
> "learning experience" as a Moscow-Trials style confession

I guess that depends on who it has been a learning experience for.

Fred comments:
I apologize for the rather cavalier way I presented this important and
positive development in the Cuban revolution.

First, I was wrong to equate "separation" with "expulsion." As my comrade
and good friend Walter Lippmann informs me, in the structure of the Cuban CP
these are different measures, like the difference between separation and

So Esteban Morales was never expelled from the Cuban CP.

I assume that this was a "learning experience" for all concerned, but I see
no reason why it should not have been a "learning experience" for Morales
but only for the party, as John suggests.

As a matter of fact, Morales has never publicly expressed the slightest
regret or apology for anything he said, not at the start and not at any
point in the process. (I thought some of his points were exaggerated, but
that ought to be a right of comrades in any discussion, and, after all, he
could be right and I wrong.)

In my opinion, the restoration of Morales to the full rights of party
membership is a vindication of the viability of the Cuban CP as leader of
the revolutionary process, the continuing strength of the Cuban revolution
despite many problems.

As one of those who publicly sympathized with Morales' fight for his party
membership (though I never thought I had any right to determine who should
be a member of the Communist Party of Cuba), I am very happy with this
outcome, and recommend the same attitude for others.

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