[Marxism] I Am A communist

Rustbelt Radical rustbeltradical at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 9 13:25:21 MDT 2011

I agree in large part, Louis. I wrote in the post:

'I recognize that anything we say about ourselves and what we propose 
requires explanation, requires us to wash away the muck our enemies, and
 ourselves, have thrown at our project and our ideas. That we have to 
choose our words carefully and that we must be creative in responding to
 the subjectivity of folks, we must meet them where they are now; we 
can’t use words that confuse rather than make clear and for that reason I
 do not walk around talking about ‘communism’ as part of my real-world 
political practice.'

'we can remake words into weapons and refound ideas as the power to wield
 those weapons. We must do so without jargon or dogmatism or sentimental
 fealty to moribund traditions, but we must do so.'

I call myself a socialist all the time, as I believe you do. All words are loaded, we have to fight for them just like we have to fight for the ideas behind them. But, we agree. I don't think we should use that term popularly (except in theoretical terms) in this country because it so loaded. As far as the SWP goes, I didn't go through that experience thankfully so I am less inclined to have that specific tradition define what words I use or not. Like you said, 'socialim' is as loaded as 'communism' in its way. Do you have an alternative name to what we propose besides the ones, which is all of them, which could lead to confusion. 

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