[Marxism] good essay on education

MICHAEL YATES mikedjyates at msn.com
Sat Jul 9 14:07:45 MDT 2011

Marx called say a babbler." Had he read what comrades Kosloff and Barrera have to say in their most recent posts,I think he might have used a stronger word. BTW, both Foster and I have been teachers for a very long time. Foster's wife is a public school teacher,deeply involved in resisting what is going on in her school. If people think that Braverman's analysis cannot be applied to education, then their thinkingis not very well developed. And the essay is an essay for the summer issue of Monthly Review, not a magnum opus on education. It is stupid to criticize an essay for not saying what it could not, given the context, say. But then perhaps I am just another "clueless intellectual."    		 	   		  

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