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Leonardo Kosloff holmoff10 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 9 14:46:51 MDT 2011

Comrade Yates wrote:


"Marx called say a
babbler." Had he read what comrades Kosloff and Barrera have to say in
their most recent posts,I think he might have used a stronger word."


In the preface to
Capital, Marx actually said that he would be open to any scientific criticisms,
regardless whether they followed Say, or what have you. But comrade Yates
prefers to label me as a "babbler" without addressing one iota of
what I said. This thing about "I am the more experienced and I don't need
to answer your newbie questions" is really just farcical, I would say it’s
particular to the list but it’s the same thing with any dogma in fact.

First, there's
absolutely nothing in what I said that talks about, much less dismiss, comrade
Yates, John Bellamy Foster's, or John Bellamy Foster's wife's experience,
NOTHING is personal in my comments. Second, I am not only putting random things
out, like I said, there's a number of people who study the labor process in
Argentina and Latin America and they have their criticisms of Braverman, in
fact in the essay that I translated the criticism appears AFTER the
acknowledgment of Braverman's achievements, does comrade Yates pretend to
dismiss their work AND experience (they are both teachers in a number of public
universities in Argentina, which is not precisely the public educational system
with the best conditions) 

with a wave of the hand?
[By the way, I don't have time to translate this reseach, because contrary to
what seems to be the preconception of my comments I have to work and have
limited time. But I'm sure Marina and Eduardo would be delighted if I sent you
the essay I did translate to hear your, or John Bellamy Foster's criticisms]


My question stands, how
does monopoly capital Taylorism supersede large-scale industry?

Why take it personal


"Every opinion
based on scientific criticism I welcome. As to prejudices of so-called public
opinion, to which I have never made concessions, now as aforetime the maxim of
the great Florentine is mine:

il tuo corso, e lascia dir le genti.”

[Follow your own course,
and let people talk – paraphrased from Dante]

Karl Marx


July 25, 1867" 		 	   		  

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