[Marxism] I am a communist

Fred Feldman ffeldman at verizon.net
Sat Jul 9 14:49:37 MDT 2011

In response to Rustbelt Radical, Louis wrote:
I think this term is just as open to misinterpretation as "socialist". In my
view, Marxists in the USA (and whatever country you live in) have to develop
a vocabulary that relates to the experience of the people you are trying to
reach. I am particularly sensitive to this question since the SWP insists on
using the term communist. That is reason enough not to use it.

Fred comments:
I have no idea what terminology will be appropriate when anti-capitalism is
more rooted in the masses, but this is a 100 percent sectarian line of
argument, fundamentally characteristic of Louis' supposedly opem as all
outdoors "open as all outdoors" politics.

I think for anyone to set not doing whatever the US SWP did as their
surefire guideline is sectarian fantasy through and through. 

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