[Marxism] John Walker Lindh: innocent victim of US torture state

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Long but well worth reading.
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Frank Lindh: My lost boy John Walker Lindh
In 1998, aged 17, my son John Walker Lindh travelled to Yemen to study Islam
and learn Arabic. In April 2001 he went to Afghanistan. Then 9/11 happened.
He was captured by US troops, tortured, and jailed for 20 years, an innocent
victim of America's 'war on terror'

The Observer, Sunday 10 July 2011 Article history 
John Walker Lindh following his capture by US troops in December 2001. 
Photograph: Getty Images
[This photo should be seen. Use the URL to access it. FF]

John Phillip Walker Lindh, my son, was raised a Roman Catholic, but
converted to Islam when he was 16 years old. He has an older brother and a
younger sister. John is scholarly and devout, devoted to his family, and
blessed with a powerful intellect, a curious mind, and a wry sense of

Labelled by the American government as "Detainee 001" in the "war on
terror", John occupies a prison cell in Terre Haute, Indiana. He has been a
prisoner of the American government since 1 December 2001, less than three
months after the terror attacks of 9/11.

John is entirely innocent of any involvement in the terror attacks, or any
allegiance to terrorism. That is not disputed by the American government.
Indeed, all accusations of terrorism against John were dropped by the
government in a plea bargain, which in turn was approved by the US district
court in which the case was brought.

Despite its proud history as a stable constitutional democracy, the US has,
for 10 years, been affected by post-traumatic shock, following the horrific
events of 11 September 2001. I can find no other explanation for the
barbaric mistreatment and continued detention of a gentle young man like
John Lindh.

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