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Giroux and the critical pedagogy Marxists are systematically ignored by the left press: The Nation, In These Times, Monthly Review, WBAI radio shows, and on and on. . .

It's appalling enough that they are suppressed from liberal programming like NPR, Fresh air, and Bill Moyers. . .but for Foster to reproduce the exclusion, especially when Giroux's critique is a centerpiece of the Marxist educational theorists for almost 40 years, is noteworthy. . .and disturbing. 

As Gramsci noted, we have to make these fights count. As a gracious editor, John Bellamy Foster should invite Henry to write a piece for Monthly Review.



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 A key critical point about Foster's piece is that it ignored the work of
but my question is, who cares what he ignored??? what are we doing,
rading term essay papers?
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