[Marxism] Perhaps we are too nice?

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Here is a posting from another list which was not only an ah
ha moment for Joanna but also for me.  People flock to the
right not because they believe in their growth fantasies,
but because they do not want to have to give their stuff
away when things turn rough.  What does this mean for us?
The alternative to selfish competition is not sharing with
everybody who is in need, but the alternative to selfish
competition is disciplined cooperation, where everyone has
to pull their weight and freeriders are weeded out.

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Andy Szasz calls it the politics of inverted quarantine - walling oneself 
off from as many risks as possible and thus learning and doing nothing about 
the roots of any or all problems... it's neoliberal consumerism, whatever 
the valence. 


I was hanging out with a friend from Paris. He mentioned
that the hard right in France is growing stronger and more
numerous, and that it is now 25% of the electorate. And I
said, why, why is there no reciprocal consolidation and
growth on the left. His reply was interesting and I think
very close to the mark. He said that what everyone is being
told is that there's not enough to go around, that we live
in a world of increasing scarcity and that the general
population of the West is convinced that sharing with the
developing world is not feasable, and that if it were, it
would certainly mean less for the rest of us. So the swing
to the right is a vote for that party which looks more
consistent and more willing to fight the encroaching hoards.

This made a lot of sense to me. And maybe I'm the only one
on the block who didn't see it, or maybe I just naively
think that the feeling of human brotherhood is stronger than
it actually is. Anyway. I had an ah ha moment, and I'm
passing it on.



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