[Marxism] Belarus under seige

Sergii Kutnii mnkutster at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 08:36:21 MDT 2011

The article is TOTAL BULLSHIT.

As a Ukrainian I can know a little more about how it looks "from below",
since the East Slavic nations share common cultural space and it's quite
easy to communicate with the Belarussians over the web.

The Lukashenko's regime can be defined as somewhat "enlightened" version of
the common ex-USSR nepotist and kleptocratic bourgeois-bureaucratic
government type.
The difference with Ukraine or Russia is that Lukashenko had enough brain
back in the 90s not to privatize key enterprises. However this doesn't mean
that there was no privatization at all - it just was slow and less
destructive than in the neighboring countries. And members of Lukashenko's
clan own some of the big enterprises that actually WERE privatized - e.g.
tobacco industry. Another thing that Lukashenko had enough brain for was
keeping the living standards high. But this has ended with the recent
currency crisis which affected the living standards dramatically.

While the Belarussian masses tolerated lack of political freedom when the
life was
better they now have a feeling that Lukashenko has broken that "social
Recent protests are rooted much deeper in the Belarussian society than
earlier actions of liberal opposition. And Lukashenko's response
demonstrated that he's no more than a power-hungry leader of Bonapartist
type that would resort to violence and repression if it's impossible to keep
people content.

And young Belarussian Marxists I know on the Internet (though there are very
few) don't support Lukashenko which can indicate which position to choose.
They try to abstain from the protest as well since the liberals try to ride
on top of it. I don't think it's correct because it can lead to isolation
only but this is arguable.

I wonder, if Ukrainians try to overthrow our own corrupt government
representing no one except the oligarchy, what would the friends of
Lukashenko on this mailing list do? Maybe they will suddenly discover that
Yanukovich is a good president having working-class support? If it comes to
this (and revolutionary variant is not impossible for Ukraine) we just
wouldn't need such "internationalism".

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>> http://www.counterpunch.org/**brand07082011.html<http://www.counterpunch.org/brand07082011.html>
>> A lengthy must-read article about the situation in Belarus, yet
>> another country targeted for regime change by "the West."
>> "Located just next door to crisis-stricken Europe, Belarus is
>> more than a thorn in its side; it is living proof that European
>> and American neoliberal propaganda is only lies."
>> The article also demonstrates clearly the ways in which the
>> U.S. and its European allies, now joined by pressure from
>> Russia as well, can exert on independent countries, and (to my
>> way of thinking) the folly of criticizing anyone (e.g.,
>> Gaddafi) for being forced to give in, to any extent at all, to
>> that pressure.
> Some fucking idiocy from this article:
> "According to Western media, the protests are being violently repressed and
> protesters arbitrarily arrested. According to Belarusian authorities,
> participants have been arrested because they were shouting profanities at
> police and pushing them. I unfortunately didn’t happen to see one of the
> protests while I was in Belarus recently, and can’t personally report more
> details about them."
> The politician who ran against Lukashenko, the object of praise in this
> article, is serving a five year prison term for protesting against election
> irregularities. You don't have to be in Belarus to understand that
> Lukashenko is opposed to democratic rights. I guess it is okay to throw
> people in prison for five years if there are "clean streets".
> Disgusting.
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